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COVID 19 (Coronavirus)



We are now ready to move towards our key worker system on Monday following the decision to do so this week by the government and in line with the unions advice for staff. Thank you to everyone who has confirmed their spaces. 2 bubble groups will be formed in Day-care and School and staff will be on a rota of support, working directly with children and also delivering home learning. We hope that this is going to only be short term but will keep communicating with you on Tapestry, via text and on here. If you have any questions in the meantime then please get in touch. If you are struggling in any way then please let us know and if you wish to change your mind and send your child (even if not a key worker) then let us know as we will continue to try and accommodate everyones wishes where we can. We will review again at the end of Jan to see if feelings about sending your child have changed and you feel it is safe to come back. We know that approximate 60% of you want to voluntarily stay at home and we support the difficult times you are facing and the dilemma between accessing Nursery verses staying safe. X



Following on from an announcement yesterday from the Department for Education the Day-care and School will now close on Thursday 17th December as opposed to Friday 18th Dec. This is to enable the staff to continue to support Track and Trace up to Thursday  24th December in the event that any staff or children test positive for Covid after the 17th. Originally the DFE wanted schools to be available on Christmas Day which has now been changed and rightly so! This 1 day closure means that it is unlikely the school will need to work supporting the NHS service beyond 23/24 Dec. This has been a challenging year and in particular a difficult half term. Staff very much need their break and to spend time with their families so whilst we recognise the work will continue right up to Christmas after this we intend to switch off and recuperate ahead of the Spring Term. If any children test positive for Covid between 18-21st December then please email us ( or and someone will get back in touch with you to check the details. Track and Trace will ask for contacts in the 48hrs before symptoms were showing or from the test date if no symptoms were present. Any symptoms which present after 21st December shouldn't require the school input for track and trace. Of course we can never rule out any new Covid cases before the 17th Dec and hope that we are lucky enough to avoid this, as we really don't want children, staff or families to have to endure full isolation over the festive period. If you decide the risks to your family are too great then please let us know if you choose to voluntarily keep your child at home during the last week as we continue to monitor absence right up to the 17th. We recognise this is short notice for many of you and the sector has been pressing the DFE to make decisions for weeks now about this but they have been slow to react. Remember if you are worried about your child you can contact NHS 111 or to book a test you can go on-line or call 119. Please follow the rules over the festive period to protect your families and others. Most of all enjoy the break and have a good Christmas. 


Thank you everyone. 



Morning everyone
School opens tomorrow for those children that have pre-arranged settle visits (new starters) on Weds/Thurs/Fri. Then on Monday 7th Sept we open for day-care and returner children. Following this our new children will then start their adventures with us over the coming weeks. Due to Covid 19 our procedures remain in place as pre Summer break...
💕 Staggered drop off and collection times- These are in place to ensure we can limit the numbers of parents waiting to enter. Please maintain 2m distance from one another. 
💕 Drop off/collection via classroom doors- No adults to access the classroom spaces. Entry is now via the side metal gate to the playground instead of the main entrance. We ask where possible that only 1 parent drops off/collects to limit the numbers on site. Please be patient as this now takes a little longer
💕 Anti-bac on arrival (adults and children)
💕 Enhanced cleaning regimes
💕 Extra hand washing for children and staff
💕 PPE when needed and “catch it, kill it, bin it” approach
💕 No toys or equipment to come in from home, except a bag with spare clothes that will remain in school

Please please stay away if you or your child/family is displaying any symptoms that could be Covid 19, or if you are contacted through track and trace or asked to quarantine. We will send children home if we have concerns they may have symptoms and ask them to be tested. PLEASE MAKE SURE WE CAN CONTACT YOU AT ALL TIMES AND YOUR PHONE IS SWITCHED ON. IF YOU NEED TO UPDATE CONTACT DETAILS PLEASE PHONE THE OFFICE. Managing the normal winter ailments with Covid will be our biggest challenge but we can only do our best. 

If we have a CONFIRMED outbreak or staff are forced into Isolation we may need to close to specific groups. We don’t want to do this so working together to get through winter will be paramount. 

We can’t wait to get back, we are looking forward to the term ahead. We will be reinstating Forest Schools and making many new connections with children and families. We recognise some children have had 6 months off but we will prioritise their mental health and well-being and those that find being back difficult, will soon settle and learn many incredible things. 

We can do this 👊🏻
Thank you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Any queries contact the office 01945 582401

UPDATE 12/07/20- Please see our most recent letter which you should have now received. We are able to take in more children but still have all of the remaining restrictions in place. Therefore procedures remain unchanged for the foreseeable future including extra cleaning, revised drop off and collection and 4pm closures. Once we can relax these measures we will let you know. We have planned now all transitions for those waiting to start and those due to start in the autumn term. Again we have had to make many changes to how we approach this but we hope we can work together to find a happy medium so your child can start safely and happily. Any queries can be directed to the office. Thanks everyone. Have a nice summer. 



UPDATE 18/5/20


Thank you everyone for your response to school opening. I will now be putting final plans together and be in touch with you all towards the end if this week/early next with detailed risk assessments, policy and a letter summarising how it will all work and when your child will attend. It is a lot of information but anything anyone is unsure of you can just ask.

Thank you for all of your kind emails and support for us in these difficult times.

stay safe


HB x  


The government announced yesterday that Nursery can begin a phased opening from June 1st with a view to have most children back by early July. We now have the huge task of planning this as there will be restrictions in place on numbers of children as well as having to prioritise certain groups first. The initial priority will go to those children due to start in Reception in Sept. We know that the nursery will have to change and adapt and it will not look the same for many months but I am keen to know what parents feel. Therefore I am asking this simple question....

Will you return your child by June/July or would you want to wait until September? 

The answer will help me in my planning and I can focus on those families and children that do want to return. Of course we have strict guidance in place on hygiene and lots of other factors to do what we can to safely return, but the 2m distancing is challenging for this age group so although we will have lots of measures in place we cannot fully comply with this. We do know children are at least risk of catching Covid 19 but they can be carriers and spread it to adults so this is something we must consider in the coming weeks. 

We will of course share formally all the measures we will take ahead of re-opening but for now if you could email me your thoughts to the question above this would really help me. As you can imagine we have over 100 families on roll so I may not be able to respond to every email but I can gather a feeling which is what I need for the time being. Please email me ASAP. If I don’t hear from you I will try and Phone but again this is a huge task so if I can gather thoughts electronically this would be preferred. It is unlikely once we have planned the return, due to staffing, that those choosing to defer to September would be able to return earlier if you had a change of heart so consider this when making a decision. What we want to avoid is a half empty Nursery but lots of staff so commitment is really invaluable to us e.g. if you are keen to return then you do send the children in. 

my email is


Thanks you everyone

Holly Bowman

Head Teacher



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