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Erasmus Plus Project

January 2018


In Summer 2017 we had 2 lots of funding approved through Erasmus, an organisation that works with the British Council. We currently have 2 projects running simultaneously.


Project 1- Led by our Nursery and established to get staff overseas to different EU countries to learn new practices. For this project we identified Italy and Sweden as 2 places we would like staff to visit. In Feb 2018 2 staff will spend a week in Reggio Emilia in Italy learning about creative teaching methods and in May 2018 2 staff will visit Sweden to look at Forest Schools practice. 


Following these visits the staff involved will develop an action plan for our school on how we can improve on our own teaching and learning based on their new found knowledge. They will also maintain links with new colleagues and write blogs and skpe to share ideas. 


Project 2- Led by a Nursery School in France. We were approached through the British Council to join this project with 5 other EU countries (Greece, France, Estonia, Sweden and Italy) This is a 2 year project focusing upon well-being and self esteem in children and how creative teaching can accelerate these feelings in children giving them ownership and value their ideas and contributions to school life. Staff will visit all EU countries over the 2 years and we will also produce a pedagogical website and blogs where teachers from around the world can learn from our findings and project work. At the end a detailed report will be published and shared across the EU and the rest of the world. 


The EU teachers will spend their time in the UK week commencing 29th January 2018, based in Kings Lynn and spending time in the Nursery focusing upon how the learning environment promotes benevolence. They will also visit 2 other schools and learn about Norfolk cultures. 


We are privileged to have been successful in our bid for funding to undertake such projects, we are one of only 3 Nursery Schools in the UK to be selected. We belive that learning and developing is crucial if we are to be the very best educators and recognise that we are never going to stop learning from each other. 





Teachers visiting Emneth Nursery- 29/1/18

Feedback from the visit to Emneth Nursery- 29th Jan-2nd Feb 2018

The week went very well and the feedback was very positive. The teachers spent time at Dersingham Primary as well as Earlham but felt that Emneth was by far the best place for the children. 


This is what was said...


Thank you Holly for an incredible week. You run an amazing school in a fantastic way. Thank you to all of your staff and children. (Greece)


Thank you Holly for a wonderful week of learning and culture, what a fantastic Nursery you have and we learnt so many new things (Sweden)


Thank you to all of your children and colleagues in the Kindergarten we had a fantastic time and thank you for making our days in Kings Lynn and Emneth memorable (Estonia)


General Feedback across the week


So many independent children

Incredible choice of learning

Children can follow their own interests

Adults move skilfully to be with children and support their ideas

Adults and children have wonderful relationships

Adults join in and are part of play, I saw a child jump in a puddle then the adult joined in, such fun.

The atmosphere is calm, not too noisy and there are a lot of children

I like it that there are cosy spaces and children can just sleep or chill out when they feel ready. No set routine or rules

Outside the children explore such a range of activities together with each other and adults

Dan is great with the children, we would love someone like Dan

So much space and freedom to be children

Children communicate well with each other and are really sociable together

All children have good behaviour, I haven’t seen anyone unhappy or upset

Adults are skilled at being responsive to children and following their lead with no hidden ideas.

Children can get wet, dirty and muddy and this isn’t a barrier to learning as it often is in my Kindergarten. 

I love it here, I want to work here, and can I stay?


What next

Next stop Sweden in May, followed by Italy in October.