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SAFEGUARDING (including online safety)

Keeping children Safe and well cared for is very important to us. Please take time to read our do's and don'ts and report anything you see that concerns you to your Key Person or the Designated Senior Leaders. A copy of our Safeguarding Policy can be found in our policies section. 


Lead Professionals are;


Claire Hooker (Head Teacher)

Amy Thorpe (Daycare Manager)

Hayley Croucher-Auffret (Daycare practitioner)







It is really important that we do as much as we can to keep children safe online both at Nursery and at home. Below you will find a range of information that you will hopefully find useful.


Child friendly search engine and apps


If your child is accessing the internet then we suggest you use these platforms to do so.

  • Kiddle - A visual search engine for children powered by Google. Kiddle uses it's own filters to stop inappropriate content appearing.
  • Swiggle - A search engine for children designed to provide a safer environment for children. Results are filtered using Google Safe Search and educational resources prioritised.
  • YouTube Kids - Specifically designed for children under five years to explore a range of child friendly videos and it can be downloaded for free.



Resources to support talking to children


  • Smartie the penguin for EYFS - The story shares online safety scenarios and gives talking points for children to decide what they would/should do. It is a PowerPoint format, though there are videos of others reading it online, or you could print out and make a story book.
  • On The Internet Book - A learning-to-read book for children ages 4 and above, which can be downloaded.


Resources to support Parents with Online Safety

  • Parents’ and Carers’ Guide-Let’s talk about life online

      The Guide gives advice on how to discuss online safety, how to handle difficult conversations or                situations. Each section has examples of questions to use to start conversations around safe                    internet use, and key messages to share with your child.

  • Parents and Carers Resource Sheet

      Information and resources for parents with websites and resources to keep child safe online. Along          with signposting information, places to report and top tips.


  • Keeping under-fives safe online guidance sheet

      This advice contains top tips for parents for keeping safe online.